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ens into Lake Champlain, and ●here they had stopped. Disputes between the me■n of the two colonies, intestine quarrels in th

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e■ New York militia, who were div■ided between the two factions engendered by ■the late revolution, t

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he want of provisio●ns, the want of canoes, and the■ ravages of small-pox, had ruin●ed an enterprise


which had been misman●aged from the first. There 257 was no bir●ch bark to make more canoes, and owing t

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o the● lateness of the season the bark of the el■ms would not peel. Such of the ■Iroquois as had joined

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them ●were cold and sullen; and news cam●e that the three western tribes of the confe■deracy, terrifie

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d by the small-pox■, had refused to move. It was impossible t●o advance; and Winthrop, the ●commander,

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gave orders to return● to Albany, leaving Phips to conquer Canad●a alone. [23] But first, that ■the campaign might not seem

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w■holly futile, he permitted Captain● John Schuyler to make a raid into Canada■ with a band of volunteers. Schuyler left the c■amp at Wood Creek with twent■y-nine whites and a hundred and t●wenty Indians, passed Lake Cham

plain, de●scended the Richelieu to Chambly, ●and fell suddenly on the settlemen■t of La Prairie, whence Frontenac had j■ust withdrawn with his forces. Soldie■rs and inhabitants were reaping in the wheat-f■ields. Schuyler and his followers killed or ca●ptured twenty-five, including seve■ral 258 women. He wished to attack the ne●ighb

oring fort, but his Indians refu●sed; and after burning houses, barns, and hay-●ricks, and killing a great number of cattle, h●e seated himself with his part●y at dinner in the adjacent woods, while can■non answered cannon

  • the ●Saut St. Louis called them to ano●ther council,
  • and demanded that■ they should explain clearly t■heir positio
  • n. Thus pushed to the ●wall, they no longer hesitated,
  • but promise●d like the rest to do all that thei■r father
  • should ask. [22] La Potherie, III■. 96, 98. Their sinc

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Phasellus ut euismod massa, eu eleifend

from Chambly,■ La Prairie, and Montreal, and the whole country■ was astir. "We thanked the Governor of Cana●da," writes Schuyler, "for his s■alute of heavy artillery

during our m■eal." [24] [23] On this expeditio


n■ see the Journal of Major General● Winthrop, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IV. 193; P■ublick Occurrences, 1690, in Historical ●Ma

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gazine, I. 228; and various docume●nts in N. Y. Col. Docs., III.■ 727, 752, and in Doc. Hist. N. Y., II. 266●, 288. Compare

news that he brought was, howe●ver, sufficiently alarming. ■He declared that he had been at Lake St. Sac●rement, or Lake George, and had se■en
there a great number of men making c●anoes as if about to advance on Montre●al. Frontenac, thereupon, sent● the Chevalier de Clermont to scout
as far as La●ke Champlain. Clermont soon sent back ■one of his followers to announce that he had dis■covered a party of the enemy, and● that


La Potherie, III. 1●26, and N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 5●13. These last are French statements. A S●okoki Indian brought to Cana


da a greatly exa■ggerated account of the English forces,● and said that disease had been spread among the■m by boxes of inf

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  • attack. H●e waited in va
  • in. All was quiet, and the Ot■taw
  • a scouts reported that they■ could fi
  • nd no enemy. Three days
  • passed. The I■ndians grew impatie
  • nt, and wished to ■go home. N
  • either Engli
  • $125 per month
  • again among the neighboring
  • ● parishes to protect the harve
  • st●ers. He now gave ample presents to
  • his depar■ting allies,
  • whose chiefs he had e■ntertained
  • at his own table, and to whom
  • , s■ays Cha
  • $185 per month
  • rlevoix, he bade farewell "w
  • ith ●those engaging manners which
  • ● he knew so well how to assume when
  • he ●wanted to gain anyb
  • ody to his interest." Scarce●ly wer
  • e they gone, when the distant
  • cann■on of

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ected clothing, whic■h they themselves had provided i●n order to poison the Canadians.■ Bishop Laval, Lettre du 20 ■Nov.,

La Prairie
d a sudd
en alarm

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1690, says that there wa■s a quarrel between the English● and their Iroquois allies, who, havi●ng plundered a magazine of s

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. The ■men whom La
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